Lloyd Road Elementary School

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Mr. Joseph Jerabek - Principal
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    Mr. Joseph Jerabek

    Email Address: jjerabek@marsd.org

    Phone number: (732) 705-5700 


    Principal's Message: 

    Entering the homestretch of this school year!

    When we return from Spring Break on Tuesday, April 18 we begin our journey toward completing another school year. The last three months of each school year always tend to be the busiest for all of us - in and out of school with state and school testing, concerts, trying to cover as much curriculum as possible, after school activities through school or the community, and more. The increase in activities can also bring with them added stress and struggles for all of us, as well as our children. As we enter these last few months our main goals and communication with our students will be the following:

    - Simply try your hardest. All we can ask is to give your best whether in learning or tests.

    - Talk through disagreements. Conflict is a natural part of working alongside others and life. All we can ask is if a conflict arises use our conflict resolution strategies.

    - Be respectful.

    - Have as much fun as possible and make as many memories as possible.

    A hard copy notice was sent home the last week in March with many of the end of year dates for events we have scheduled. If you did not receive that notice it is also available on the Lloyd Road School website under the announcements section labeled Lloyd Road School End of Year Dates. It can also be found in our virtual backpack for April, May and June. We look forward to seeing as many parents as possible at some of our events.


    Mr. Jerabek


Last Modified on April 3, 2017