Matawan Regional High School

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Welcome to the Husky Howl

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We Broadcast Weekdays from 6pm to 8pm with a Special Teacher Broadcast at night. 
Due to testing and AP testing prep, the Husky Howl will be replaying shows this week and into next week. 
The schedule for the week of April 24, 2017...
Changes will be made daily so stay tuned !! 
6 pm:   The Rabbit Hole with Sam and Austin
 7pm:    Superintendent Interview REPLAY
6pm:  DJ Jane
7pm: Progressive Rock of the 80's with Mr. Mingrone
6pm:  TBD
7pm:  TBD
6pm:  TBD
7pm: TBD
6-8pm:  Friday Night House Party
Music provided by DJ SwayJ
The Husky Howl is your Internet Radio Station serving the Matawan/Aberdeen High School Community.  A student run station designed to serve the local community  by providing information and entertainment that fulfills the community's needs.  Our main objective are the following:
1) To inform the local community about activities in our high school
2) To entertain the local community and the high school community
3) Educate the students at Matawan High School