Lloyd Road Elementary School

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Please return bottom portion of permission slip by Monday Jan 7th, to

Mrs. Carnovsky, Physical Education Teacher at Lloyd Road School.



Name:________________                 Address:______________________ 

Grade:_______           Phone #:____________

Homeroom Teacher:___________   Guardian’s name:____________   

If anyone else will be picking up your child from the intramurals, please state their name _______________________________and Phone #_____________________


Questions?  Email: Scarnovsky@marsd.k12.nj.us


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               Intramural Sports Club


4th Grade: November 15th, December 20th, January 10th, February                   21st, March 14th, April 4th and May 2nd. 
5th Grade: November 17th, December 22nd, January 12th, February                   23rd, March 16th, April 6th, and May 4th 





 Sport Taught:

v    Indoor Soccer

v     Basketball



Lead - up Games: 


BASKETBALL                SOCCER          PHYSICAL EDUCATION GAMES                                                    

  1.  Make it take it                        1.  Sideline Soccer                               1.  Super Pin Guard

  2.  Sideline Basketball               2.  Soccer Tunnel Tag                         2. Cup Game

  3.  Spot Basketball                      3.  Soccer Sprint                                  3.  Battleship

  4.  Number Basketball               4.  Steal the Bacon Soccer                  4.  Lord of the Rings

  5.  Pick up games                        5.  Big Ball Blast

  6.  Baseball/Basketball



Questions?  Email:  Scarnovsky@marsd.org


Call Ext. 5750



Last Modified on October 17, 2016