Strathmore Elementary School

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Gertrude Hawk 6th-22nd Order up some yummy chocolates and treats!
3rd Grade Dance 10th – I hope to see all 3rd graders can make the dance. Get your permission slips in!
PTO MEETING 15th – PTO meeting this month will be @10:15am in the cafeteria. We have lots of exciting news and will be voting on BY LAWS. Please email me if you need a copy to review before the meeting.
WINTER BREAK 17th – 20th – Enjoy the long weekend!
Assembly 22nd – The children will be enjoying another assembly today.
School Store 23rd -24th – Kids   can enjoy shopping at our school store!
3rd Grade Concert 28th – The Concert will be at Lloyd Road @7pm!

Thank you again to everyone who has volunteered and help make this year’s events great!

Last Modified on February 13, 2017