Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District

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special services

Department of Special Services

The Department of Special Services consists of personnel responsible for identifying and developing educational programs and support services for children who have educational disabilities.  The child study team (CST) consists of a school psychologist, learning disability teacher consultant (LDT/C) and where appropriate, speech/language specialist, physical therapist, occupational therapist.

The child study team’s primary function is to evaluate and design appropriate programs for children experiencing learning and /or behavioral difficulties.  An Individual Educational Program (IEP) is designed for students eligible for special education.

Please contact the Office of Special Services at (732) 705-4023 for additional information.  
Director of Special ServicesNelyda Perez
Assistant Director of Special Services Maggie Lazur 
Secretary to the Director Meghan Vilela 
Department Secretary Delores Kopko 
Department Secretary Harriet Pellicione 


Last Modified on April 26, 2017