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  • Were you not able to attend our Kindergarten orientation? No problem! View Mr. Van Horn's presentation from that day's event below! 

Principal's Message

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    December 2016

    Dear Cliffwood School families,

    As we enter the second quarter of the school year, our students are immersed in their learning. A key component to their learning, and future academic success, is reading. Please work with your child to encourage reading regularly at home, every day if possible.These days, children and their families are super busy but reading is so vital to a child's success; it's like exercise for your child's brain! Any reading is good reading. Your child's favorite may be fiction, non-fiction, magazines, graphic novels, or another type; as long as he/she is reading daily, that's great! Please communicate with your child's teacher to learn his/her reading level and try to find texts which match this level.

    Also, try and read aloud to your child sometimes too. Research shows that there are great benefits to children hearing good reading. Students hear proper pronunciation and get to hear words come alive in a fluid, expressive way. This can also make reading more enjoyable, and less like work, for emerging readers.

    Encouraging daily reading, especially at these early stages of their schooling, has great benefits for your child as they grow. As always, thank you for partnering with us here at Cliffwood to help your child to succeed.

    Have a joyful and safe holiday season. Sincerely,

    Mark Van Horn, Interim Principal