Lloyd Road Elementary School

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On-Line Pre-Registration!

You can now begin the registration process online by going to: 
Please fill out the pre-registration form.  Afterwards someone from the school will contact you to set up an appointment
Please note that the following documentation will be needed to register your child.  We will ask for them at the appointment.
1. Transfer Card
2. Child's original birth certificate
3. Parent's driver's license/ID (with new address sticker)
4. Rental Agreement/Lease, or Deed, or Property Tax Bill or Mortgage Statement*
5. Legal Guardianship Papers (if applicable)
6. 2 additional proofs of residence. 
7. Immunization records (which can be requested from last school).  Vaccines needed are:
        Mantoux test for TB needs to be done on arrival to US (if applicable)
        DTP  3 doses (at appropriate intervals)
        Polio  3 doses (at appropriate intervals)
        MMR 2 doses (at appropriate intervals)
        Hep B 3 doses (at appropriate intervals)
        Varicella 1 dose (at appropriate intervals)
In order to allow a child to enter school, he/she must have at least 1 dose of each vaccine.
8. Latest Report Card
9. Recent IEP (if applicable)
The child will also need to have a physical.  Time is provided for this.
*Should you reside with someone else - you must fill out an Application for Admission of Domicile Student, which will be provided to you at the school.  This application must be completed by both parties (resident and parent), and notarized.  Both parties will need to provide proofs of residence as noted on application.
Below is the Lloyd Road Registration Packet which will also need to complete on the day of your appointment, or you can print it out and bring to the school on the day of your appointment along with your supporting documents.