• Hello! Welcome to HISTORY & GOVERNMENT

    Advisor: Linda Walling
    Email Address: lwalling@marsd.k12.nj.us

    2018-2019 OFFICERS
    President - Thomas Buckley
    Vice President - Paulo Makalinao
    Secretary -Emily Teubner
    Treasurer -Justin Bradley
    Advisor - Linda Walling
    Looking towards the future by learning from the past!

    The History and Gov’t Club meets twice a month or more when needed.

    The Club starts off the year by club members volunteering to work on Local and State elections in November and Presidential elections. 

    The students that sign up to work at election campaigns, if they are 18 years old before Election Day, can work at the polls on Election Day.

    The Club offers two one-day trips, one in the Fall and one in Spring, where students can experience History first hand i.e. Hyde Park which was President Roosevelt’s home, Philadelphia, Vanderbilt’s Mansion etc.

    The major 4 day trip is held the end of May. If students stay in the club all four years they have a chance to tour  Boston, Williamsburg and Washington.

    There are 2 individual fundraisers in Oct. and Feb. where students can fundraise to lower the cost of their individual trips.

    Check back for updates.