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    Lauren Miles

    Hello! My name is Lauren Miles.  I am a member of the Child Study Team in Matawan Aberdeen School district.  I am a Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant, LDT-C.  I am part of the CST at both the Matawan Aberdeen Middle School as well as Lloyd Road School.  I have a Bachelor's degree in Special Education.  I also have a Master's Degree in Special Education with an LDT-C certification.  I was a Special Education teacher in a different district prior to coming to Matawan.  
    As an LDT-C,  I participate as a member of the Child Study Team in the identification and diagnosis of perceptual and learning disabilities.  I also aid in the prescription and delivery  of appropriate and effective educational services and programs.  I will help to recommend and demonstrate techniques, strategies, resources, and materials to help meet student needs.