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    Kindergarten Parent Orientation (9/3/20)

              As your child's kindergarten teacher this year, I am committed to inspiring a love for learning in the children I am privileged to work with. Together, we will work in whole and small groups using Google Meet and Seesaw to hone our reading, writing, and math skills.  We will build the foundation first as we learn to correclty form and identify numbers, letters and sounds.   Soon enough, we will be tackling books together, transforming text on a page into vivid pictures in our minds, and constructing meaning from printed words.  We will become super solvers in math.  Our confidence will grow as we experience success in the core subjects.  We will be smiling from ear to ear because over the course of this school year, we will have grown into independent readers, writers, and mathematicians!   

            Our small group reading lessons will consist of multisensory phonics instruction, word attack strategies, and vocabulary and comprehension building.   I will reinforce phonics skills taught in our Fundations program  and comprehension strategies and reading behaviors taught in the Reading Workshop. Explore my webpage to discover fun and interactive ways to build phonemic and phonological awareness, practice trick words, and enhance comprehension skills at home.  


             If at any time during this school year you wish to communicate with me about your child and his or her progress in reading, feel free to e-mail me at lberman@marsd.org.  I look forward to working with you and keeping the home-school connection strong to ensure student success.   Let's make it a great year!

                                                                                                    Yours in education,
                                                                                                        Mrs. Berman