• The purpose of homework is to enrich and extend the concepts being learned in school.  Please read and discuss my homework policy with your child to ensure their success this school year. 
     *Please continue to encourage your child to read 20 minutes every night in addition to their homework.  
    When your child is completing homework, I expect the following:
    1. Your child's first and last name should be written at the top of the assignment.
    2. The finished work should be neat.
    3. All finished homework should be placed in their Homework Folder to be returned to school.
    4. Homework should be handed in the day that it is due.
    *Students will be given extra time to make-up homework after an illness.
    Ways to help your child with homework:
    1. Provide a quiet environment.
    2. Encourage your child to do their work independently.
    3. Check to see that it is completed and finished properly.
    4. Try to have your child complete homework at the same time each day.