• Welcome to Health Class
    GBS Kids

    Once each week, I will visit the classrooms to meet the students for their Health Special. The goal of health education is to teach students how to stay healthy and safe by making the right choices. With help from the Great Body Shop characters, students are provided a variety of topics:

    • Injury Prevention & Personal Safety
    • Nutrition
    • Functions of the Body
    • Growth and Development/The Cycle of Family Life
    • Disease and Illness Prevention
    • Substance Abuse Prevention
    • Consumer Health and Safety
    • Self-Worth, Mental and Emotional Health
    • Environmental and Consumer Health
    • Physical Fitness

    Our lessons include class discussions, videos, role plays, and worksheets. The following critical thinking skills will be used to assist students in their health decisions and making the best choice: 

    • decision-making
    • compare and contrast
    • predicting the consequence



Last Modified on September 3, 2022