• CommunityUse Instructions and Training Videos
    (System can be accessed by clicking here.)
    During the summer of 2016, MARSD will be switching to automated event scheduling.  Until then, please continue to utilize the paper based system.  This page is meant to prepare and provide information to users and staff in advance of the system going live.
    For community members or requesting staff (internal requests): 
    1.  Requesting Access to the System--> Video or Guide
    2.  Requesting Events--> Video or Guide
    3.  Check the Rate Schedule, if it applies.  As of right now, organizations will be billed separately for this.  Enhancements will make online pay possible in the near future. 
    For site administrators (specified secretaries and principals): 
    1.  For site administrators approving and making requests--> Video
Last Modified on July 7, 2016