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    How do I know if I’m a Member?

    You are a FLHS Member if  you have:


    -A 90 or above average in your World Language Class for 2-3 consecutive years

    (your second year must be a level 3 course)


    -Remained in the SAME World Language Course for the 3 years

    (ie. All Italian, all French, etc.)
    *Latin students must be in Latin IV to be eligable.
    In order to be Inducted, FLHS Students Must: 
    -Attend all meetings announced throughout the school year. Students should visit Google Classroom weekly for updates and info.

    -Participate in all FLHS activities and meetings (1 learning activity designed for grammar school students; aiding TL teachers and students; participating in cultural awareness activity, etc. )
    -Attend the FLHS practice (normally, the day prior to the Induction) & the Induction Ceremony (held in May)
    *Students who receive discipline referrals or are suspended for any period of time will removed from FLHS.
    See Mrs Lisciandro for questions or details.