•  Mr. Reynolds' Class Expectations
    What You Need to Bring to Class EVERYDAY     supplies
       - Writing Utensil
             1. Pen                                                                   
             2.  Pencil
       - Paper
             1.  Marble or Spiral Notebook (ISN)
             2.  Folder
    What to Do When You Enter the Class
       - Come to class on time and sit down
       - Read and complete the Do Now
             1.  Some of them may be graded
             2.  Remain quiet once complete
       -  Attendance needs to be taken within the first 10 minutes of class
             *Please hold off questions until after I am done
    Throughout Class
             1.  Do not speak while I am speaking or while others are speaking
             2.  Raise your hand to get my attention and wait to be called upon...Do not shout out
             3.  Anything we discuss in class is fair game whether it is in the notes, book, during class discussion, on a video, etc.
             4.  Keep side conversations to a minimum, they distract me and others
    At the End of Class 
       -  Be aware of any exit ticket/homework assigned 
       -  Clean up after yourself
             1.  Do not leave papers at your desk or on the floor
       -  Do not line up at the door
             1.  Remain in your seats until the bell rings
    If You Miss Class
       -  It is your responsibility to get the notes and find out what you missed
       -  If there was an assignment due or assessment, be prepared to hand it in or take it the day you get back