• “The only way to begin learning a new language is to begin speaking badly” - Greg Thomson


    Here are some reasons why we should encorage our kids to learn a foreing language. Click in the link to take a look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0MlOuOPjfU  



    How can you help your child succeed in learning a foreign language? 

    Learning another language can be very intimidating for some students.  We do our best as teachers to ensure that students feel comfortable in the classroom to take risks and work outside their normal "comfort zone" to reach their fullest potential.  Along with hard work in the classroom, support at home is crucial for your child's success!  Here are some ways you can help:

    ●      Ask your child what he or she learned in class that day.  Encourage him/her to practice new vocabulary or share new cultural information with you.

    ●      Discuss world events at home and the effect they have on the rest of the world.

    ●      Help your child get organized!!

    ●      Monitor your child's grades on Realtime and discuss his/her progress with him/her.  Please keep in touch with me by email as much as you like!  

    ●      Communicate with your child about his/her school day and stress the importance of his/her success in school.

    ●      Be positive and supportive!!  Learning another language and about other cultures can be challenging at times!