• Greetings Parents!
    My name is Joe Greco, and I am very pleased to be here at MRHS to do what I've always wanted to do since I was a kid...to instill a love of learning and a passion for the subject which I feel can be both fun and rewarding to study...math!  From tutoring to summer school to interim teaching and now full time, I have had the chance to work with all different types of students with different learning styles, and those who both love (and those not so much in love with) the subject of math.  I myself started out as a math hater at a young age, but through the dedication, skill, and desire of all my teachers to see me succeed in math and even enjoy it, I learned to love the subject and decided I wanted to emulate these great people who put so much time and effort into helping young people like me value math as a friend and not fear it as an enemy.
    In that same vein, I'm looking forward to working with all my students and their parents to ensure they are comfortable in my classroom and have all the tools needed for success available to them.  I believe in challenging my students until they both meet and exceed what is expected of them, and to reach beyond what they themselves believe is possible.  To that end, I expect my students to put in the time and effort required for them to succeed, and to ask many questions and seek help if the material becomes confusing or if they find it difficult to grasp.  In addition to the classroom, there are many supplemental sources of the same content online, such as tutorial videos on Khan Academy and YouTube, for help with homework or studying for quizzes and tests.  I am also available on most days after school for one-on-one help, or if a student prefers, there is peer tutoring available every Tuesday and Thursday in Room 608.
    Please feel free to contact me through email anytime at jgreco@marsd.org for any questions or concerns.  I'm looking forward to a great year and hopefully getting a chance to meet all of you.
    Best Regards,
    Joe Greco