Third Grade Word Study  
    Third Grade Spelling Routines

    Spelling is a subject that requires meaningful and repetitive practice to achieve mastery. Our spelling tests correspond to our reading series. Spelling tests are not necessarily taken on Fridays; therefore please refer to you child's agenda for the spelling test date.


    At the beginning of each theme, in Lessons 1 and 6, students are given a spelling list that contains twenty words.

    These twenty words are divided into 4 categories:

    - 10 regular spelling words

    -4 "no excuse" words

    - 4 challenge words,

    - 2 personal words


    The regular spelling words are extensions and applications of the phonics or word study skill learned that week. The "no excuse" words are words that the students are expected to use in their everday writing.  The challenge words are words that break the rules of phonics, have irregular spellings, or contain the phonics or word study skill in a more challenging way. The personal words are individualized spelling words for each student. They are typically words students misspell in their writing. 









Last Modified on August 6, 2019