• Daily Homework
    Reading: (Note: Book baggies will begin after I have ascertained your child's independent reading level, usually end of September, beginning of October)
    Please have your child read from his or her take-home book baggie--Black are from Mrs. Hausmann, follow her directions,
    Blue baggies are from Ms. Hudak, do THREE activities from the index card on the front of the bag every night*,
    and return to school with all of the books and charts inside every THURSDAY to re-shop books. 
    Read TO and WITH your child as well, books he or she can't read on their own yet. Wonder aloud why something happened, or what might happen next.
    Talk about how things you have experienced in real life remind you of what has happened to characters in the story--make meaningful connections.  
    * If you have a busy night (for example, Soccer practice every Tuesday, pick a different night or morning to read a little more!) 
    Please read and do the EDM "Home links" for the evening. If there is no home link in your child's blue folder,  
    log on to the Connect Ed site and play a game online, or play a game from your child's take-home collection such as "bunny hop" or "Top It". 
    • Your child works hard from bell to bell in First Grade! Make sure he or she gets time to run around, play hopscotch, build with blocks or other materials, create art, 
    pretend play, get some "fresh air and sunshine", chill out, and be a kid!  
    • Take your child with you to the library, supermarket, post office, to visit Grandma! Bake cookies, collect rocks or cool seashells, make a blanket fort, or 
    have a rainy day picnic in the family room so he or she has plenty of things to write about in Writer's Workshop! 
    • Ask your child to teach you something he or she learned today in school--what "secret" do good readers or writers know? What cool game did they play in Math?
    Have a conversation where you both go back and forth asking each other questions and telling more.  
    • Have a family game night in and practice taking turns, being a good sport, and reading (and following) the rules of the game.  
    • Go to the park, the bay, the beach, out in the back yard.  Run, play, notice and talk about what you see, hear, smell, and touch. 
    • Please have some "screen free" time--adults included! Fight Facebook and MineCraft's takeover of our every waking minute!
    • Let your child "be bored" for a few minutes and figure out something to do when not being entertained by others--build a barbie hotel, draw up a menu for their own "cafe", write a letter to Auntie...
Last Modified on August 30, 2017