• Classroom Needs 

    As we continue with the school year, we will undoubtedly need to restock on some consumables.  We will gladly take donations of:
    • Tissues
    • Lysol Wipes
    • Unscented Hand Sanitizer
    • Pencils/erasers
    • Expo/dry erase markers
    We are also working on building our exposure to a variety of texts.  If your family is looking to get rid of any outdated children's magazines or newspapers (2017-2018) old editions), please consider donating them to our classroom before throwing them away!  We appreciate your contribution to our class library!   Some magazines we are collecting include:
    • Highlights for Children
    • Sports Illustrated for Kids
    • American Girl
    • Time for Kids
    • Scholastic Readers
    • Ranger Rick
    • Zoo Books
    • National Geographic for Kids
    • Girls' World
    • Boys' Life
    • Dogster/Catster