• Resources for All Classes
    Below are some helpful websites and resources that I think could be helpful for students in any mathematics class. Provided with each is a description as to why I think they may be helpful or how they can be used.
    1. YouTube
      • While some may think this is an odd choice, I find it very helpful to watch videos on things that I am learning. Having a visual while someone else is directing you through a process can be extremely helpful. You can search practically any mathematics topic in YouTube and you will find instructional videos on the steps/techniques for the topic.
      • Disclaimer: Not all videos are of educational quality. Be aware of what you are watching.
    2.  Khan Academy
      • Khan Academy is a highly accredited website that provides students with tutorials, extra practice, and an organized way to complete work.
    3. Kuta Software
      • Kuta Software provides multiple worksheets with solutions for students to complete extra practice. I use this source as an extra practice within our classroom as well as for homework. It is a good resource to use for review before taking a quiz or test.