• Letter to Parents


    Dear Parents:


    I would like to welcome you to my classroom for the school term. Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom each morning before students log on. Check Google Classroom for instructional videos, classwork and homework documents, and links for online programs.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at mapple@marsd.org or leave a question or comment on any post on Google Classroom.





    Block 1

    Per. 1/2


    Language Arts 8: Room 406

    Block 2

    Per. 3/4


    Study Hall: Per. 3: Room 302

    Teacher Lunch: Per. 4

    Block 3

    Per. 5/6


    Language Arts 8: Room 406

    Block 4

    Per 7/8


    Language Arts 8: Room 406

    Block 5:

    Per. 9/10


    Teacher Planning Time











    Mr. Apple