• Matawan Aberdeen Regional School District

    Extended School Year Program 2017


     ***BUSING/TRANSPORTATION UPDATE: Please be advised that the deadline to accept student busing for ESY is May 22nd. Requests after this date will not be considered as our Transportation Department must have enough time to ensure that all routes are established and parents receive notifications in a timely manner. It will be assumed that students who do not submit transportation acceptance forms by the above date are declining transportation.  

    General Information for grades Pre-K - 12 

    The ESY Program is in session from 8:30 am until 12:30 pm, Monday through Thursday from July 5 to August 24. Many of our special education teachers do not work during our ESY program, so it is likely that your  child may not have the same teacher as his/her classroom teacher.  Teachers are offered the opportunity to work 15 days or 30 days, so your child may have two teachers for the summer.  Both teachers will collaborate to ensure that programs run without interruption.  All efforts are made to maintain continuity throughout the program.

    Letters are being mailed home the week of April 2nd and should be returned by April 22nd.


    Math and reading skills are the focus of the curricular portion of the day. The children in the autism program continue to follow their individually designed programs incorporating specialized strategies. We make every effort to provide activities to the children which they’ll enjoy as well.

    Related Services:

    Services are provided based on the IEP for Extended School Year services.

    Progress Reports:

    Progress reports are sent home at the end of the program.

    Class Assignments:

    Every effort is made to group children based on age, functioning level, and familiarity with other children in their classes.


    Transportation is provided for our ESY students. Confirmation of transportation is required at the time when program participation is confirmed in April.  Late requests will not be accepted.

    General Information for grades SLE & REACH Students

    Hours: The ESY Program is in session from 8:30 am until 1:30 pm, Monday through Thursday. Students in the REACH program attend ESY until August 15th.

    8:30-9:30Academics and/or classes to address the areas of communication skills, social skills, life skills, self management, and community awareness
    9:45Bus picks up students to transport students to work or CVR
    12:45Bus picks up students to transport home



Last Modified on May 10, 2017