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    Extended School Year Program 2019


    The term extended school year services (ESY) is a part of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, specifically, Sec.300.106. This section was added to ensure that students who forget a great deal of what they learn over the long summer break are provided with continuing instruction. The legal definition of extended school year services states that the term refers to special education and related services that are provided to a child with a disability, beyond the normal school year of the public agency, in accordance with the child’s IEP and at no cost to the parents of the child, and that meet the standards of SEA (state educational agency).

    ESY services are not provided all summer long. Usually, such services are made available four to five weeks of the summer, meeting three to four hours per day. The teacher may or may not be a child’s normal school year teacher, but he or she is required to be qualified to teach special education and should understand the child’s IEP program goals.



    • Regulations state that, to qualify, a child with a disability must lose two-thirds of the skills they learned during the school year (usually based upon progress toward IEP goals), and take between six and nine weeks of the next school year to regain those skills. A number of students forget some of the skills they learn during the summer months; however, most do not lose as much as two thirds, regardless of disability.
    • Typically, the students who receive ESY services are those with more severe disabilities, and are often served in self-contained programs; students with less pronounced disabilities are least likely to be selected as needing these services.
    • As stated, each IEP team should carefully consider a student’s needs and make a data-based decision. Parents should ask about ESY services during the annual IEP meeting if they believe their child needs them. Eligibility may be determined at a later date, after teachers and providers assess your child's level of regression and recoupment rates throughout the year. 



    The services are individualized based on the student's needs and will vary. They could include, physical therapy, behavioral support, instructional services, take home packages for parental implementation with consultative services, coaching, small group instruction just to name a few.  ESY does not support the learning of new skills but the retention of those already taught. Districts will vary in their form of services offered.


    SUMMER 2019

    If child has been invited to participate in the summer of 2019 Extended School Year (ESY) program, you would have received an email and letter via usps. As we are planning and awaiting for final budget approval, it is imperative that you register your child at this time to finalize staffing and services. The registration link was provided within the correspondence sent home.

    Programs will be located either at Cambridge Park Preschool and Cliffwood Elementary School and will run Monday through Friday from July 1st to August 12th. Hours will be 8:30-11:30 or 9:30-12:30, depending on the location of your child's class. Busing is provided for all students.

    Student class assignments will be available and shared with parents the first week in June. At that time, you will receive the name of your child's teacher, the location of the class, and program hours.

    Online registration closed on April 30th to allow us to effectively plan classes and services for all students. If you have any questions, please contact your child's case manager.

Last Modified on May 22, 2019