• Mrs. Colao's Reading Tips

    Here are a few ways you can work to establish a love of reading for your child in your home.

    1.  Find out what your child's interests are.  Go to the library and have a librarian direct you to books that will interest the child.  Discuss those topics together and encourage him or her to ask questions related to their interest.

    2.  Don't limit your reading to only books.  There is reading all around you.  Read articles on the internet, signs on the way to places, menus, billboards, etc.  The possibilities are endless- point it out to your young reader!

    3.  Create a "reading space" in your home.  Make it comfortable and inviting.  Have various things to read available for your child.  Make sure the space is big enough for more than one person-sharing reading is exciting!

    4.  Ask your child questions about what they are reading.  It doesn't have to be comprehension style questions.  A simple 'do you like your new book' could open a whole conversation.  Getting children talking about reading not only builds their comprehension, it also shows them that you care and are interested in them.

    5.  Have patience.  No one learned to read overnight.  Encourage them throughout the process!