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    Check for Understanding "Who & What" Strategy


    Even as an adult reader, there are times when I am reading a story, get lost, and am not sure what has happened.  Fortunately, when this happens, I have strategies to help me understand the story.  The same thing happens when children read.  However, children often keep reading and don't realize they have lost comprehension until the end of the story.  They are too concerned with reading accurately, and forget to take the time to think about what they are reading.  How can we help them gain comprehension?  We can teach them the comprehension strategy check for understanding because good readers stop frequently to check for understanding or to ask who or what.

    How can you help your child with this strategy at home?

    1.  When reading with your child stop periodically and say, "let's see if we remember what you just read, think about who the story was about and what happened."  Do this 3 or 4 times throughout the story.

    2.  When reading with your child, stop and have them practice checking for understanding by saying, "I heard you say..."

    3.  Ask your child the following questions:  Who did you just read about?  What just happened?  Was your brain talking to you while you read?  Do you understand what was read?  What do you do if you don't remember?

    Thank you for your continued support at home!

    Mrs. R. Colao