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    WHAT Are Trick Words?

     Trick words are words that students frequently encounter in reading that do not "play by the rules."  Students cannot apply their letter/sound knowledge to decode trick words because they do not follow regular phonetic rules.  


    WHY Learn Trick Words?

    More than half of the words in the English language are trick words that do not follow regular phonetic rules.  As a result, these words are more difficult for students to master.  


    HOW Do Students Learn Trick Words?

    Asking a student to "sound out" a trick word is ineffective and will lead to frustration.  Young readers need to experience and manipulate these words in order to learn to read and write them with fluency.  Below you will find trick word lists for grades K and 1 as well as a variety of multisensory activities to help your child practice his or her trick words at home.  






    Play ZAP!

    Number of Players:  2 or more

    Materials:    large craft sticks

                      markers - to write the words on the sticks

                      a timer

    How To Play:     

    1. Write one word on the end of each stick.
    2. For every 25 sticks, add three ZAP sticks.
    3. The players take turns pulling a stick out of a cup.
    4. If they can read it, they keep it. If they can't, they put it back in the cup.
    5. If they get "zapped" they put all of their sticks back in the cup.
    6. At the end of a set time (about 5 minutes), the winner is the one with the most sticks.

    Build trick words with Play-Doh.

    Write trick words in sand.

    Finger trace trick words while simultaneously spelling them out loud.

    Search for trick words in books that you read.