• What have our Kindergarteners been up to?

    We have been learning the names and sounds of our lowercase letters.

    We are also learning proper letter formation.

    *Remember to have students finger trace and say the names and sounds of all letters sent home in the Kindergarten Home Support Pack!


    b, t, f, h, k, l are our sky line letters.


    b- bat- /b/       t- top- /t/      f- fun- /f/     

    h- hat- /h/       k- kite- /k/     l- lamp- /l/     


    m, n, i, u, r, p, and j are our plane line letters.


    m- man- /m/       n- nut- /n/      u- up- /u/

    i- itch- /i/            r- rat- /r/        p- pan- /p/       j- jug- /j/


    c, o, a, g, d, s, q, and e are our plane line round letters.


    c- cat- /k/       o- octopus- /o/      a- apple- /a/          g- game- /g/

    d- dog- /d/      s- snake- /s/         q- queen- /kw/      e- Ed- /e/


    v, w, y, x, and z are our plane line slide letters.


    v- van- /v/       w- wind- /w/      y- yellow- /y/          

    x- fox- /ks/      z- zebra- /z/    

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