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    February 2018 Issue - Roses are read, violets are blue, if you like poetry - this issue is for you!  Poetry is beautiful and inspiring, but it is often very difficult for young children to read and write.  Click above to find out more about how to engage your child in poetry.

    January 2018 Issue - Research confirms that fostering a word-rich environment helps your child acquire important vocabulary and language skills that are necessary for success in reading, writing, speaking - you name it!  This issue offers tips on how to incorporate vocabulary and retelling acitvities into family time!  

    Read Aloud Issue- This bonus publication emphasizes the importance of reading aloud with your child along with ways to break routine and continue to make it a fun, parent-child experience.

    November 2017 Issue - Check out the book pick, The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors by Drew Daywalt.  A humorous twist on how the game Rock, Paper, Scissors was born.  May be an idea as we enter into gift-giving season :)

    October 2017 Issue - Learn how to take a book walk, strenghten muscles used in writing, and even combine music with reading!

    September 2017 Issue - From read-aloud favorites to writing nooks, this issue has it all!




Last Modified on February 26, 2018