• Along with being a teacher here in Matawan-Aberdeen, my very favorite thing to do is to perform music on stage! Here are a couple of performances I have done in the past few years. Enjoy!

  • I am truly fortunate to play in the Big Band called "From Russia With Swing" every Tuesday night in Manhattan. This is a piece called Lonely Street from our concert at the Swing 46 Jazz Club in New York on September 26th, 2019. I'm lucky to share this stage with some of the finest musicians I've ever met, which always reminds me that I am forever a student!

  • My Frank Sinatra Band "The Pete Cannella Jazz Ensemble," performing Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind" at Harrah's Casino in Philadelphia.

  • I was extremely lucky when I was a student at The College of New Jersey to perform our National Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, at Citi Field for the New York Mets!

  • In July of 2018, I was vacationing in Memphis, Tennessee. I thought it would be pretty cool to bring my saxophone since Memphis is a famous Jazz city! I was playing some music on the street, when a few Jazz musicians inside a restaurant nearby heard me and invited me in to play a few tunes with them. This is called a jam session. A jam session is when a group of musicians play together, either improvised (made up on the spot) or very well-known songs without any rehearsal first. 

  • The Sharpshooters Band of Northern New Jersey is the very first professional band I ever joined; back when I was 15. In 2014, I was lucky enough to be named director of this awesome band, and have been conducting them ever since. Here is a clip of us playing "Yankee Doodle Boy," as we do every 4th of July!

  • Even though I mostly play Jazz nowadays, and grew up playing Punk Rock and Ska, I was trained primarily as a Classical musician in College. Here is me performing a recital at The College of New Jersey. This is a Saxophone Sonata by composer, Paul Creston. A Sonata is a type of Classical piece in several different sections called movements. 


    Below is Claude Debussy's "Girl with the Flaxen Hair," performed by the TCNJ Saxophone Quartet.

Last Modified on February 2, 2020