• Peer Buddy Program
    at Cliffwood Elementary School!
    *Congratulations to the Cycle 2 Peer Buddies!*
    Cycle 2 schedule: 03/19/20; 03/23/20; 04/07/20; 04/21/20; 05/07/20; 05/13/20; 06/05/20; 06/19/20 

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    What is a "Peer Buddy?"

    A Peer Buddy is a selected student from the second or third grade who is paired up with another student in the school. The Peer Buddy serves as a role model and assists their counter-part in social skills activities, projects, and games. Being a Peer Buddy provides a chance for students with diverse abilities to work together, interact, and learn from one another in an inclusive educational setting.
    Who can be a "Peer Buddy?"

    Students selected to be a Peer Buddy must demonstrate both good academic and behavioral standing or show strong academic and/or behavioral improvement throughout the school year. Students must fill out an application stating why they want to be a Peer Buddy and why they should be considered to be selected for the program. Students must also receive teacher recommendation. The criterion for selection is as follows:

    1. From the second or third grade
    2. Regularly completes/puts forth effort to complete classwork/homework
    3. Kind to peers and staff
    4. Respectful of peers, staff, and school building
    5. A willingness to help and include others

    *Please note that the Peer Buddy Program will take place in a two cycle format.
    Each cycle, 10 third grade students and 10 second grade students will be selected (20 students per cycle).

    When/Where does the "Peer Buddy" program take place?

    The Peer Buddy program takes place during school hours. Students will attend a scheduled "Peer Buddy Training Day" to learn the roles/responsibilities expected of them as a Peer Buddy. Students will be matched-up with selected classrooms and scheduled to push-in for approximately 30-40 min. slots 2x a month throughout the designated cycle.

    If you believe your child qualifies and is interested in being a Peer Buddy,
    please contact either your student's homeroom teacher or Mrs. Levine for more information.