Spring Speech and Language Activities

  • Spring fever is in the air!

    Here are some spring-themed activities you can do with your kids that are sure to please.

    Get a bucket and fill it with springy things.

    They are very easy to come by this time of year; you can make a trip to the dollar store or find objects you already have laying around the house.

    You could also print spring themed pictures from your computer.

    Here are some suggestions: Eggs, Flowers (fake or real), baby animal figurines or pictures, a baggie full of green grass, baggie with soil, packet of seeds, small shovel, gardening gloves, a flip flop, picture of a butterfly or other insects, etc.

    Receptive Language Activities:

    Blindfold the child or have them turn around. Pull something out of the bucket and describe it to the child. They have to guess the item.

    Try to include as many senses as possible...what it looks like, smells like, feels like, and in some cases sounds and tastes like. 

    Pull out three of the items from the bucket and make up a short story using those items.

    You can use the example story below if you have a packet of seeds, a shovel, and a bunny.

    "Once upon a time there was a bunny. The bunny snuck into the farmer's garden often and ate vegetables until he was stuffed.

    One day he was hopping to the farmer's garden when suddenly he saw a large fence. The fence went around the whole garden, and the bunny could not get in!

    He was very sad because the farmer had the best carrots and cabbage and peas.

    The bunny had an idea. He would plant his own garden! He grabbed a shovel and some seeds and he went to work.

    He dug in the soil, planted the seeds, watered them every day, and made sure they had enough sunlight.

    After a couple months of hard work, the bunny had a beautiful garden with all his favorite vegetables.

    The bunny learned that hard work can be very rewarding!"

    Following the story, ask these questions...

    Yes/No Questions:

    Was the bunny eating the farmer's vegetables?

    Did the bunny feel hungry when he left the farmer's garden?

    Did the farmer put a fence around his garden?

    Did the bunny plant flowers?

    Did the bunny's seeds grow?

    WH- Questions:

    What type of animal was in the story?

    Who did the bunny visit to get all his vegetables?

    What were the bunny's favorite vegetables?

    Why did the bunny decide to grow his own vegetables?

    What type of things did the bunny do to plant his seeds and help them grow?

    Expressive Language Activities:

    Have the child choose items out of the bucket and explain them to you without you looking. Encourage them to use as many senses as possible. 

    Have the child choose an item out of the bucket and hide it somewhere in the room.

    Then have them give you three clues about where it is using full sentences. 

    Have the child pull three items out of the bucket and help/encourage them while they make up their own story about the three items.

    Either print the previous story or use the child's made up story and send it for homework.

    They can retell the story to their parents. 

    Give the children some crayons and brainstorm with them all the things they love about spring.

    They can draw pictures or write words. Then have them use full sentences to tell you all the things they love.



    Simple and fun!