• Hamilton vs. Jefferson Rap Battles

    Posted by Brianna Scatorchia on 2/20/2020



    George Washington showed up in my 7th grade class today to preside over our cabinet meeting! Students rap battled as Hamilton and Jefferson on specific topics. The cabinet than voted at the end who won the debate!

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  • Boston Massacre

    Posted by Brianna Scatorchia on 2/17/2020

    BM 2 BM 1

    BM 3 BM 4


    My 6th grade class working on our Boston Massacre invesgation lesson! Students became members of the Boston Police Department. 4 groups rotated to 4 different stations collecting evidence: Exhibit A a crime scene, Exhibit B primary source eye witness accounts, Exhibit C Paul Revere's engraving, and Exhibit D a 2 minute clip from the TV show John Adams. Students spent 10 minutes at each station writing evidence down in their packets to determine if this event was an act of murder or simply self defense.

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  • Black History Month

    Posted by Brianna Scatorchia on 2/1/2020

    Classroom AASU


    Our Social Studies class and African American Student Union celebrate Black History Month with these bulletine boards!

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  • Jacqueline Woodson Day with AASU!

    Posted by Brianna Scatorchia on 10/18/2019

    JW1 JW3 JW4 JW5

    The African American Student Union, along with Ms. Leslie from the Matawan Public Library and Mr. Gross our media specialist, celebrated critically acclaimed African American author Jaqueline Woodson. Ms. Woodson gave a lecture at The College of New Jersey on Wednesday October 16th, reciting passages from her novels and talking to the students about being an African American writer. Our students watched her presentation, received free copies of some of her novels, and created black out poetry. Our students loved picking pages from books and creating silly, thought provoking, or even melancholy poems. Many of our students got up in fron of their peers to recite their poems. We now have our poems proudly displayed on our AASU bulletin board located in the 8th grade wing!

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  • Constitution Escape Room

    Posted by Brianna Scatorchia on 9/26/2019

    CER 3 CER 1

    On September 17, 1787, delegates from the 13 colonies converged to birth the laws that still govern our great nation today: The United States Constitution. On September 16th and 17th, 2019, our 7th grade students got together and survived a Constitution Escape Room planned and implemented by myself and my amazing colleagues: Mrs. Baumert, Mr. Bloss, and Mr. Grigoli. In groups of 4, students navigated outside and between the 2 Social Studies classrooms to solve 4 clues about the U.S. Constitution. Students had so much fun working together and learning about this extremely important living document. We the people... survived the Constitution Escape Room!

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  • Welcome Back!

    Posted by Brianna Scatorchia on 9/26/2019


    Welcome back! I am so excited to get this new school year underway. While we miss our now 9th graders, the African American Student Union has doubled in size this year with some amazing new comers. Our beautiful bulletin board is proudly being displayed in the 8th grade wing for all to see! We have many exciting events in the works and I am looking forward to an amazing year. Stay tuned!

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  • Salute to Service

    Posted by Brianna Scatorchia on 5/1/2019

    Salute to Service


    In honor of Memorial Day in May and Flag Day in June, the African American Student Union bulletin board proudly presents Salute to Service. We are featuring African Americans in the military both past and present from all different branches. To all of the veterans out their and those that lost their lives fighting for our country and this flag, thank you for your service. We salute you!

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  • Autism Awareness Month

    Posted by Brianna Scatorchia on 4/3/2019

    The month of April is Autism Awareness Month and the MAMS AASU is so excited about their new bulletin board! We have displayed famous African Americans who have/had autism as well as famous African Americans who are advocates for autism because they have a child living with it. In their research we found all of the advocates' children were males and most of the African Americans living with it are male as well. Many are brilliant artists, musicians, and inventors that have blessed the world with their creations.


    Autism Awareness Month

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  • Battle of the Classes: 6th Grade

    Posted by Brianna Scatorchia on 3/12/2019

    I am the proud coach of 6th grade dance and activities for this year's 2019 Battle of the Classes. The entire week, all 3 grades compete in events, dance, a lip sync, food drive, banner decorations, and dress up days for points. Yesterday, we kicked off our opening ceremony with the dance competition. This talented group of 6th graders put in much time and effort to proudly represent the 6th grade. Dancing to songs such as "Shut Up and Dance", "Sweet Carolina", "Uptown Funk, and "Can't Stop the Feeling", they really brought the house down! It's not easy as the young group of the school to get up and perform in front of the entire student body. Great job to all!


    6th Grade Dance Team


    6th Grade Banner

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  • Women's History Month

    Posted by Brianna Scatorchia on 3/11/2019

    The entire month of March we are celebrating couregous women in history that have made a difference in science, technology, the arts, sports, ect. The African American Student Union has designed an amazing bulletin board to honor just a few women that have impacted history for all. Some of the women featured include Michelle Obama, Harriet Tubman, and Aretha Franklin.


    Women's History Month

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