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    Dear Parent,


    Your child is now a part of the Winter Track and Field Team.  If your child is new to the program there are a few things you should be familiar with.


    Although we practice outside, all of our meets are indoors.  There are limited facilities close to Matawan so we need to travel in order to compete. We attend meets in Toms River, Jersey City, New York City, and Staten Island just to name a few.  Between travel time and the actual meet itself, these competitions often last all day.


    There will occasionally be meets on weekdays.  There is a good chance that your child will not get home until late evening several times during the season. We want you to be aware of this and hope you support our efforts to get your child the best competition possible. 


    Your athlete will need to either bring food and a drink for the meet or money to buy food from available vendors.


    At no time, should your athlete leave the facility in which we are having the meet.  There are over 80 athletes on the team and we need to keep track of all the students’ whereabouts. 

    In addition, if you ever need to pick your student/athlete up from a meet or drive them to a meet, you must fill out a school issued travel release form.  These forms are located in the athletic office and can be obtained by the athlete. Without this form, we are unable to allow your athlete to leave the meet location.  


    We are very excited about this upcoming season and hope you are too.


    If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.  Please review the Parent Handbook when you have a moment.



    Thank you.


    Kevin Burns

    Head Winter Track Coach Boys



    Kevin Murphy

    Assistant Winter Track Coach Boys


    Suzanne Mergner
    Head Winter Track Coach Girls

    Justin Bloss
    Assistant Winter Track Coach Girls 
Last Modified on November 19, 2018