• Mrs. Pape’s Student and Teacher Roles




    • You must think for yourself.




    • You must think BEFORE asking any questions




    • Thinking is hard--solutions do not come easy--often you have to try many ways before finding the best way.  Your best way may not be someone else’s best way. That is okay.




    • Choose your own wording to express an idea.  Choose your own wording for note-taking--you will remember it much better.




    • Learning is not about the answers.  It is about the process of discovering them.




    • Help classmates THINK with questions, not answers




    • I will do the same.




    • Sometimes, there is no right answer.




    • Sometimes there are several right answers.




    • And sometimes, although there is no right answer, there are definitely answers that are wrong.




    • I don’t give answers, I help you find them yourself.




    • Be an independent thinker.




    • Be a problem solver. If you can’t figure out step one, move on to step two.




    • Be positive. Don’t be a complainer. Smile.  Life is too short for anything less.


    Your job in here:  Become a thinker.

    My job in here---Make you practice your job over and over.

Last Modified on September 20, 2018