• Thorne 9/24

    The Huskies opened this 2018-2019 campaign on the road at Thorne. The developmental period saw total domination in their first taste of school soccer. Nico Skeete opened the scoring on a broken corner kick by gently floating the ball over Thorne's keeper. Noah Pagan received a Sal Cassano pass & calmly deposited the rock in the side netting to cap the period. Anders Nielson controlled the midfield as the defense held tight, barely allowing Thorne out of their half.

    After spotting Thorne a quick goal, your beloved Huskies settled in & took over the other game. Andrew Fanelli took matters into his own hands and put constant pressure on Thorne's back line. Fanelli scored 2 goals to lead his team to victory. Aaron Kalish assisted on the first score & found the back of the net himself for the second tally. Anthony Ruggiero & Evan Arendt each collected an assist in this game. Arendt controlled the midfield all game, often playing a solitary center half. Matt Reczek & Ben Matlick (who may have had an assist himself) patrolled our goal.


    Ocean 9/26

    Once again, the Huskies dominated play in the developmental period. Andrew Battipaglia received an Aiden Mullarkey pass & calmly depsited it into the back of the net for the only score. Junior Said, Eric Friedman, Jack Segalla, Coonor Signorile, & Jalen Galloway played stellar defense to keep Ocean on their heels.

    The beginning of the other game saw your beloved Huskies jump out to an early amazing 3 nil lead. Aaron Kalish found the back of the net twice & Andrew Fanelli scored once. Fanelli & Maddox Cole also had an assist. Unfortunately, Ocean dominated the rest of the game & scored 7 unanswered goals to steal the victory. 


    Cedar Drive 9/28

    Developmental period domination continues! In what can only be described as 'the goal', Aidan Mullarkey redirected an Eric Friedman direct kick with his back to open the scoring. Then, Andrew Battipaglia deposited a Sal Cassano feed in the back of the net to cap the day. Junior Said again earned a shut out with his spirited play.

    Your beloved Huskies started slow in the other game, giving Cedar Drive a quick 2 goal advantage. After making some half time adjustments, a more determined & aggressive Husky team took over the second half. Andrew Fanelli cut the lead in half from a Anthony Ruggiero pass. Evan Arendt, Liam Gardell, Maddox Cole, & Dan Rabinovich controlled the midfield, but the ting goal was nowhere to be found.


    Bayshore 10/1

    Undefeated, number 1, Bayshore came to Husky Field and proved why they may be the best team in this league. The developmental period saw Bayshore score what may be a record number of goals (by 1 player) in 10 minutes.

    The game was more of the same. Anthony Ruggiero got the Huskies on the board when he converted a penalty kick. Ryan Liou enjoyed a good game at midfield & defender. 


    Thompson 10/3

    Liam Gardell manned the goal & shut down a potent Thompson attack in the developmental period. Ben Matlick & Junior Said put pressure on their defensive backs, but neither side could muster a goal.

    In what can only be described as an old fashioned shoot out in the other game, Thompson ended up connecting more than your beloved Huskies. Aaron Kalish scored the first 2 goals & Andrew Fanelli tallied the last 2 scores. Evan Arendt assisted on both Kalish's & Fanelli's first goal. Noah Pagan & Sal Cassano each picked up their first career MAMS assist.


    Hazlet 10/5

    After a disappointing first half, your beloved Huskies rallied in the second half to make that half more competitive. Anders Nielson scored his first MAMS goal off a feed from Nico Skeete.  This game could be seen as a great opportunity to build character.   


    Holmdel 10/12

    The developmental period saw a back & forth battle with Holmdel scoring the lone goal. 

    In the other game, Aaron Kalish took a feed from Andrew Fanelli & deposited the ball in the back of the net to open the scoring. Ryan Liou found Fanelli to add to the lead. Ben Matlick was impressive in goal, even saving a penalty kick. The last 10 minutes of the game saw Holmdel put 3 in to steal the win.


    Holmdel 10/15

    After spotting Holmdel an early first half goal, your beloved Huskies took over the game. Ryan Liou found Aaron Kalish with a thru ball to tie the game. Andrew Fanelli threaded the needle with a beautiful pass to Evan Arendt to take the lead. With less than a minute left in regulation, Holmdel tield it up to force overtime. 

    The Huskies dominated in OT. With just seconds left, Fanelli sent Kalish to goal on a thru ball. Kalish found the back of the net with the game winner & the celebration commenced. The Husky defense was pivotal in this win. Ben Matlick & Matt Reczek patrolled the goal. Maddox Cole, Liam Gardell, Anthony Ruggiero, Owen Marzullo, & Alex Roark consistently shut down Holmdel's attack.


    Thorne 10/16

    Ben Matlick & Antonious Sarelakos (yes, Ben & Tony, you read that right) each scored a goal to pace the Huskies in the developmental peroid in which they totally dominated. Eric Friedman was dangerous up top, creating many scoring chances. 

    The other game was a very close contest, the first half ended 0-0. Thorne collected an errant pass in the back & was the first to capitalize. Then, Aaron Kalish just took over. Kalish scored 3 goals in the second half alone to ice the game. Liam Gardell, Andrew Fanelli, & Andrew Battipaglia each had an assist. Evan Arendt was dominant in the midfield, controlling the game and possessing the ball. Maddox Cole, Gardell, Owen Marzullo, Anthony Ruggiero, Alex Roarke, & goalkeepers Matlick & Matt Reczek all played shut-down defense. Fanelli played the last 10 minutes at sweeper to ensure Thorne would be kept off the board.


    Long Branch 10/18

    Tony Sarelakos, Sal Cassano, & Eric Friedman controlled the developmental period, but neither team could muster a goal.

    It didn't take long to notch a goal in the other game. Ryan Liou finished an Aaron Kalish corner kick in the first 3 minutes to give your beloved Huskies an early lead that they would never relinquish. The story of this game was once again Aaron Kalish. Kalish notched his second hat trick (in consecutive games no less) to take command of this match. Andrew Fanelli also enjoyed an outstanding game. Fanelli scored a goal & recorded 2 assists.  Evan Arendt had 2 assists while he once again controlled the ball in the midfield. Maddox Cole scored his first goal of the season, on a head ball!


    Neptune 10/22

    Once again, the Huskies dominated the developmental period. On a corner, Ben Matlick passed to Nico Skeete, who, from a tough angle, knocked the ball in the far corner.

    The other game saw 2 pretty evenly matched teams. This would come down to who wanted it most. Luckily, your beloved Huskies have Andrew Fanelli. Fanelli opened the scoring in the first half with a 25 yard rocket. Neptune equalized on a direct kick blast of their own. With about 10 minutes to go, Fanelli was taken down in the box. Calmly, Andrew stepped up & deposited the game winner in the lower right corner. Evan Arendt was a force in the midfield all day. Maddox Cole, Liam Gardell, Owen Marzullo, Anthony Ruggiero, Alex Roarke, & GK Ben Matlick & Matt Reczek shut down a potent Neptune attack. 

Last Modified on October 23, 2018