• This is fun sing-along version of the traditional Hanukkah song "I Have a Little Dreidel." Enjoy!

  • In class we began to discuss Major and Minor harmony. Without too much detail, major harmonies sound bright and happy, while minor harmonies tend to sound sad and dark. These beautiful four part renditions of popular Christmas songs show how major and minor songs sound side by side!

  • The music of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra is beautifully set to Christmas lights. This well-known piece is called "Carol of the Bells."

  • The amazing Trans-Siberian Orchestra performs this rendition of the traditional classical piece "Canon" by Johann PachelbelPachelbel's Canon has become a favorite peice for the holiday season, particularily during Christmas festivities.

  • Basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal takes the stage with the Boston Pops Orchestra to show off his conducting "skills." This piece is the Winter classic called "Sleigh Ride." This video ends with a surpirse performance of "We are the Champions" by the Rock band "Queen."

Last Modified on December 8, 2019