1. Practices and meets are mandatory! If you miss you will be dismissed from the team. If there is an emergency or other acceptable reason, the coaches are to be notified well in advance. Practices on Saturdays are mandatory

    2.Any vandalism or theft both on site or off will NOT be tolerated. You will be removed from the team immediately.

    3. Any bullying or harassment of any team member or opponents will NOT be tolerated. It should be reported to the team immediately.

    4.After practices and meets you must leave school grounds immediately. Our practices end between 4:30-5:30.Parents must make arraingments to have you pick up or walk home.

    5.You are required to take the bus to and from meets,however travel release forms can be obtained on the school's website and you may be  excused.

    6. Any student who disrespects a coachor uses vulgarity toward a coach will be removed from the team immediately.

    7.Once you are at a meet, you are forbidden to leave the site unless you are accompanied by a coach.

    8. DO NOT bring expensive items to a track meet or practice. The coaches can't be held accountaible for another team's behavior or honesty

    9. When you are issued a uniform or equipment. YOU ARE HELD ACCOUNTIBLE for it! You pay if it's lost or stolen.

    10.If you have detention, you get dressed and attend practice after detention. Coaches will be there if not it will be counted as an UNEXCUSED absence.

    11. You must have 6 consectutive days of practices before you can. The coaches will determine if you need more time for your safety.

    12 Practices will begin at 2:35! We will meet at the flagpole and warm up as a team. If you intend to leave early bring your books and clothes. No coach will leave the track to open the lockeroom.

    13.The lockeroom will be locked during practice. DO NOT ASK COACHES TO LET YOU IN!

    14. To earn a letter you must a. Finish the season b.turn in all equipment c. follow letterman criteria

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Last Modified on March 1, 2019