• Matawan Regional High School Leadership Academy


    Civic Leaders


    The Leadership Academy seeks to transform the lives of students and develop exemplary leaders that transcend the classroom into the community. This Leadership program will collaborate with other schools, university partners, and community-based agencies to develop deepened self-awareness, responsible decision-making, teamwork, and leadership skills.


    The Leadership Academy will strive to foster a future in which the students can manage adversity with resilience and compassion, develop skills that allows them to embrace opportunities, and cultivate a belief that motivates positive change within their school and communities.



    The Leadership Academy believes that providing students with the ability to nurture change in their school and community will establish a fundamental transformation that generates a foundation for students to strive for limitless possibilities.


    The Leadership Academy promotes beliefs that endorse effective work in order to generate positive changes desired by the school community and student body.


    The Leadership Academy believes that peer collaboration is a key component to forming successful partnerships with the community and maintaining a network that encourages civic duty among the student body

    Civic Leadership is a course that empowers high school seniors to become more active members of their community and school. These students learn how to motivate and inspire others while overcoming obstacles together. Here students focus on growth and learn how to grow from a variety of struggles.


      • Junior Year - Civic Leadership 1: Foundations of a Leader

        • Junior students will learn the foundation of civic leadership. This course will supply the civic leaders with the foundation of theoretical practices and application to apprenticeships. The students will acquire an understanding of effective leadership. Students must submit two teacher recommendations for consideration to be accepted into the course.
        • Pre-requisite: Teacher recommendation letters (2 required)
        • 2.5 Credits
        • Not every student who takes Civic 1 will be accepted into Civic 2
          • Students will receive a weighted score based on their Civic 1 grade, attendance & discipline, community service, & interview score and the top 30 students will be offered a seat in the senior class.


        • Senior Year - Civic Leadership 2: Senior Year Apprenticeship

          • Senior students will build upon the foundation of successful and meaningful leadership as defined in Civic Leadership 1. Students will reflect upon their leadership skills and facilitate monthly leadership challenges. Matawan Aberdeen Regional School District
          • Pre-requisite:
            • Pass Civic Leadership 1 with a 93 average
            • Receive a 90 or better on the final research paper
            • 50 hours of community service


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