• A Message From the

    Assistant Principal in Charge of Athletics

    Welcome!  We are very excited that your son/daughter has made the decision to participate in our athletic programs!  Participation is an integral part of the educational process allowing students to learn core values which will ultimately lead to achieving success.   
    The mission of our athletic department is to promote the intellectual, physical and moral development of students, within a positive, enjoyable and rewarding environment! 
    Participation will provide the opportunity for students to learn:
         - Both the present and long-term effects of self-discipline, commitment and accountability. 
         - The interplay between individual and team effort.
         - Humility, pride and self esteem in both victory and defeat.
         - A skillful management of time.
         - Personal endurance and courage.
    Participation in co-curricular activities is essential to the character development of children and young men and women.  In many cases the core values learned through participation in co -curricular activities resurface in the classroom, resulting in academic achievement as well!
    Congratulations on your son's/daughter's decision to "Become Involved!"      
    Philip Tyburczy
    Assistant Principal in Charge of Athletics
Last Modified on December 11, 2020