Degrees and Certifications:

Grading Criteria


Students will be evaluated a minimum of four times a marking period.

Grades are composed of 2 parts, participation and written classwork, each worth 50% of the total grade.


Participation:  Participation in class discussion is critical to successful understanding of key concepts. Participation grades are determined by:

  • Active listening
  • Contributing to class discussion
  • Following directions and class rules

Participation Grades are assigned as follows:

  • check-plus = Attentively listening, contributing to class discussion by frequently raising their hands and following class rules and directions
  • check = Listening, occasionally contributes to class discussion with a hand raised, usually following class rules and directions
  • check-minus = Student has difficulty listening, does not contribute to class discussion, may cause disruptions and has difficulty following class rules or directions.

Classwork Grades:  There are two kinds of classwork grades. There are those that are teacher-led and those that are student-driven.

  • Teacher-led classwork assignments are those that the teacher does with the students and provides them with correct answers, such as diagrams or some worksheets with discussion questions.
  • Student-driven assignments require no assistance from the teacher, such as some worksheets and quizzes.

Classwork Grades are assigned as follows:

  • Teacher-led assignments are given a check for correctness or a check-minus for mistakes.
  • Student-driven assignments are given a check-plus for total correctness; check for a few mistakes; check-minus for several mistakes (more than half of the assignment).

No grades will be given to Kindergarten Health classes.

Last Modified on November 6, 2020