Credit recovery is an option for students who have lost credit due to excessive absences in a course. Students will be given the opportunity to make up the required seat time missed due to unexcused absences. Students approved for attendance recovery will be working to fulfill the mandated New Jersey requirement for seat time. The rigor, competencies and mastery levels of individual courses are established and maintained by the classroom teacher.

    In order for a student to be enrolled in the program, the following must be satisfied:

    • Grade-level Assistant Principal has removed credits due to attendance criteria.
    • The student must have applied to the program and signed the contract so that they understand the requirements of the program.
    • Participation in the program is subject to the approval of the grade level Assistant Principal.

    After school, Credit Recovery periods will take place during detention.  This time is completed after school on days assigned by the grade level assistant principal. Any student participating in the Credit Recovery Program must make up the total amount of seat time missed.  Each detention attended by the student will make up time missed for 1 absence from the class period. Students attending for late recovery will be assigned 1 detention.

    Once a student is enrolled into the Credit Recovery Program, the grade level assistant principal will assign the days for credit recovery to be attended and generate a log.  Each student enrolled in the program will be required to keep a log of days attended and have the detention proctor sign that the recovery period was completed. The attendance log will be handed to the grade level assistant principal on the date it is completed.