• Course Overview

    English 3 continues the study of language, composition, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama with a survey of British literature at its core. Students will continue to hone their critical reading, writing, and thinking skills. Students will be required to write a research paper using the MLA protocols. 

    Course Objectives

    By the end of this class, you [or your child] will be able to:

    • Read, comprehend, and evaluate literature at increasing complexity and different genres.
    • Write clearly and concisely for a variety of purposes and to that end become more familiar and practiced in utilizing a more academic writing style.
    • Improve their skills as critical readers and thinkers, enabling students to identify an author’s thesis, supporting points, and other elements of text structure and to respond to the reading analytically. 
    • Make connections between and among texts as well as real-life experiences.
    • Produce and engage in a range of conversations using a variety of media and formats.


    Google Meets

    Synchronous video conferencing sessions will take place according to the high school schedule. Links to Google Meets will be sent via Google classroom and/or calendar invites.

    Class Discussion Questions

    Class Discussion Questions will be posted on Monday on Google Classroom. Student responses are due Wednesday by midnight.

    Journal Responses

    Journal Topics will be posted on Monday on Google Classroom. Journal responses are due Friday at noon.

    Other Assignments

    All other assignments will be posted as needed via Google Classroom with due dates clearly specified. 

    Office Hours

    Virtual office hours from 1:24 to 1:44.

    • Any changes to time or policy will be announced via Google Classroom.
    • I realize that these windows are small. If you are a student or parent that wishes to speak with me directly but these times are inconvenient for you, please send me an email and we will schedule a better time to meet. 

    504s & IEPs 

    Accommodations and modifications will be provided in accordance with the individual students’ 504 or Individualized Educational Plan (IEP).