• Matawan 0 - Ocean 5

    The Lady Huskies started their season with a loss at Ocean.


    Matawan 1 - Holmdel 2(OT)

    Matawan played Holmdel for the first home game of the season. Shortly into
    the game Holmdel scored the first goal. The game went back and forth
    with both teams having scoring opportunities. At the 20 minute
    mark into the second half Inbal Yamin tied the game, assisted by
    Taylor Garand. The game ended tied and an overtime goal by
    Holmdel gave them the win. 

    Matawan 2 - Thompson 6
    Thompson defeated MAMS for their second loss, however, Maddy
    Bruno recorded her first two goals of the season.

    Matawan 2 - Thorne 2(OT)
    The Lady Huskies played an exciting game against Thorne
    resulting in a 2 to 2 tie. It started with Thorne scoring first, followed
    by Julianna's Frye first goal this season. As the first period
    ended Thorne again took the lead. The second half had
    opportunities for both teams and Lily DiPalma scored at the
    fifteen minute mark to tie the game. The game ended with
    a tie leading to the second overtime game this season. Again both 
    teams had opportunities, but strong goalie play by both
    sides led to a final score of 2 to 2.

    Matawan 3 - Neptune 4
    The team lost 4 - 3 in a game that saw both teams score. The game
    began with the Huskies scoring, Neptune tied it up, back and forth
    it went with a score of 3 to 3, and seconds remaining, Neptune
    found the back of the Husky goal, claiming victory. Maddy 
    Bruno added two goals to her team leading total, and Lily
    DiPaima one.

    Matawan 3 - Bayshore 0
    The Lady Huskies dominated in their game against Bayshore recording a
    3 to O win. Maddy Bruno scored the first goal, and Ashley
    Szoc contributed by scoring the other two goals of the game.

    Matawan 0 - Hazlet 0
    MAMS played home against Hazlet with a final result of 0 to 0. A
    game of opportunity, with both teams having scoring chances. Strong goalie 
    play kept the game tied in OT.

    Matawan 1 - L Branch 1
    The team's 4th overtime game ended in a 1 to 1 tie. Another game
    similiar to the one versus Hazlet, had much of the game being played
    in the middle of the field. Inbal Yamin scored the lone Husky goal
    at the 21st minute of the second half. No golden goal in overtime
    kept the final score 1-1.

    Matawan 2 - Hazlet 4
    The rematch game had the team traveling to Hazlet. Taking 
    advantage of the home field, Hazlet scored two goals in the
    first half. The second half had Maddy Bruno scoring two goals,
    however Hazlet answered back each time with a goal of 
    their own, leading to a final score of 4-2.

    Matawan 0 - Ocean 3
    The Lady Huskies followed the Hazlet game with a loss to Ocean 
    at home.

    Matawan 0 - Holmdel 2
    A close game, but strong goalie play by Holmdel kept the ball 
    out of their goal and gave them a 2 to 0 win.

    Matawan 0 - Thompson 5
    The final game of the season resulted in a 5-0 loss at Thompson.




Last Modified on October 27, 2019