• Welcome to Vocal Karate!

    This new program in music will have students in 1st and 2nd grade singing repertoire learned in class to earn karate belts. The "belts" will be rubber wristbands in each given belt color. Students have nine possible belts to earn this year! Here are the guidelines:

    1. Songs must be performed solo, only a melody on the piano will accompany you

    2. Lyrics must be memorized

    3. Pitches (notes) must be accurate

    4. Only one try per student, per week 

    5. Belts must be earned in order. No skipping songs


    This year's vocal karate theme is Patriotic! Here are the nine songs in the order we learn them in class, and in belt order. 

    White Belt: You're a Grand Old Flag

    Yellow Belt: Yankee Doodle

    Orange Belt: God Bless America

    Green Belt: Yankee Doodle Boy

    Purple Belt: This Land is Your Land

    Blue Belt: America the Beautiful

    Red Belt: My Country tis of Thee

    Brown Belt: God Bless the USA

    Black Belt: The Star Spangled Banner 



    This opportunity to earn belts in class is not mandatory, but it gives students a fun and rewarding way to improve their vocal skills, confidence, and song preparation. Students are free to begin at any time, and perform when they feel they are ready. Please visit my "Patriotic Songs" page for all of the video links to these songs so students can practice and prepare. Email me if you have any questions!

    -Mr. Pruitt 


Last Modified on February 2, 2020