Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District Mission Statement

    To foster a safe and equitable learning environment that celebrates our diverse learners, and provides the necessary resources and supports to prioritize the social-emotional and academic development of all students.

    2022 - 2023 Matawan-Aberdeen Regional Board of Education Goals
    (Board Approved on August 22, 2022)

    Goal 1:  Ensure the strategic planning goals and action plans are implemented.

    Goal 2:  Continue to ensure an exchange of information with the community for the purpose of improving community understanding of district matters and state funding for school districts, while continuing MARSD’s partnership with the Garden State Coalition of Schools.

    Goal 3:  Achieve Certified Board status through NJSBA’s Board Member Academy by June 2023.

    Goal 4:  Continue to assess the feasibility of facility improvements while enhancing facilities and operations.