• OPTION II A Guide for Students and Parents

    The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) recognizes and acknowledges that all students will not achieve New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) in the same manner and/or with the same level of success. The Matawan Aberdeen Regional School District is permitted to allow students with individualized learning opportunities outside of the traditional classroom that are stimulating and challenging and that enable students to meet or exceed the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS). Students are permitted to earn credit toward graduation through Option II experiences. These experiences include, but are not limited to: course remediation/acceleration, early college credit, online learning, work-based programs, school based programs, and internships. Participation in Option II is predicated on the application process through which students seek approval. Attainment of credit toward graduation is based on the successful completion of assessments that verify student achievement in meeting or exceeding the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) at the high school level.

     The purpose of Option II is to provide educational experiences that are meaningful and relevant, and that provide students with opportunities to explore and achieve at high levels.  In order to maximize student achievement and meet diverse pathways for learning, Option II permits students to employ alternative learning experiences that are stimulating and intellectually challenging, and that enables students to fulfill or exceed the expectations set forth in the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

    Option II provides students with the opportunity to earn credits in a more personalized and independent manner, rather than the traditional "in-the-seat" course enrollment option.  Option II offers alternative paths to credits that meet or exceed the NJ Student Learning Standards and are bases on student interest or career goals.

     Application Process: (Click link below)

    Option II Application

     Students may choose to earn Option II credit in order to:

    • Accelerate program of study and/or advance a course level
    • Increase eligibility to take a specific course in upcoming fall semester
    • Fulfill a specific graduation requirement (Only Physical Education)
    • Provide internship in field of interest
    • Accommodate an irreconcilable conflict in the schedule
    • Fulfill a course not currently available in the curriculum
    • Explore an area of interest not offered through MRHS curriculum for credit
    • Satisfy/provide alternative to physical education requirement
    • Provide additional credit to supplement student's transcript
    • Fulfill a college prerequisite course

    Option II credit may not be used for:

    • Satisfying basic graduation requirements, except for Alternative Physical Education
    • Early dismissal from school
    • Early graduation
    • Honors or Advanced Placement credit

    Option II establishes alternate pathways for students of the district to satisfy requirements for high school graduation and meet the New Jersey Student Learning Standards in accord with New Jersey Administrative Code N.J.A.C. 6A:8-5.1(a)2


    Option II alternatives requested by eligible students in grades 9-12, must meet or exceed the following proficiencies established by the New Jersey Student Learning Standards:

    • Receive approval by the Option II Review Committee 
    • Demonstrate satisfactory performance as measured by district approved competency assessment instruments

    It is understood that participation in Option II alternative experiences is Voluntary 


    Recommended Option II Course Offerings

    (Click Link Above)

    Participants will utilize the EDUCERE LIBRARY or other Board approved provided for course offerings for the following recommended Option II courses.


    • Contemporary Novels (1/2 Year)
    • Creative Writing (Full Year)
    • Gothic Literature (Full Year)
    • Mythology & Folklore (1/2 Year)
    • Multicultural Literature (Full Year)


    • Geometry (Full Year)
    • Geometry Honors (Full Year)
    • College Prep Math (Full Year)


    • Earth Science - (Full Year)
    • Environmental Science - (Full Year)
    • Astronomy - (Full Year)
    • Earth & Space - (Full Year)
    • Forensic - (Full Year)
    • Veterinary Science - (1/2 Year)


    • Economics (Full Year)
    • Personal Financial Literature/Economics (Full Year)
    • World Religion (Full Year)
    • Philosophy (Full Year)


    • Arabic (Full Year)
    • Chinese (Full Year)
    • French (Full Year)
    • German (Full Year)
    • Sign Language (Full Year)


    • Grades 9-12 Health & PE (Full Year)


    • Health Science (Full Year)
    • Nursing (Full Year)
    • Animation (Full Year)
    • Cybersecurity (Full Year)
    • Fashion & Interior Design (Full Year)
    • Hotel & Restaurant Management (Full Year)
    • National Security (1/2 Year)
    • SAT Test Prep (1/2 Year)
    • Law (1/2 Year)

    *The above list is meant to serve as a guide of options.  All courses will be reviewed by the Principal and Option II Review Committee and is subject to approval


    A midterm and/or final assessment prepared and scored by the MRHS staff will be required if the student has applied to take an alternative credit experience with the expectation to advance a course level upon return to the regular MRHS curriculum.  The department supervisor will use the assessment to determine whether or not the student has been properly prepared to succeed in the next level of MRHS curriculum. 

    The Option II applicant is responsible for securing a proctor, if one is required, in order to complete the alternative credit experience.  The proctor's duties typically include obtaining secure instruments from the online program, proctoring the exam and overseeing the return of completed tests.

    MRHS applicants who request an alternative credit experience that requires a proctor must secure a proctor who is MRHS certified faculty member.  The applicant is responsible for paying the proctor at a rate agreed upon by proctor and applicant.  MRHS will provide applicants with a list of available proctors.



Last Modified on March 12, 2021