• What you need to know for Chorus while we are online

    I know this has been crazy for you this week but I want to thank all of you for joining me for class. We can do this together! Here are some things you need to know:


    1) You MUST log into my google classroom at your designated class time and check in. "Hi", "I'm Here", Good MOrning." Any of these will be ok. I take attendance using your check in DURING YOUR DESIGNATED time. Checking in any other time will have you marked absent. Please plan on staying with me through the end of the period, as discussions occur that you can participate in. 

    Period 3: 8:53-9:15

    Period 5: 9:42-10:04

    Period 6: 10:04-10:26

    Period 7: 10:31-10:55

    Period 8: 10:55-11:16

    All of the google classroom codes are listed on this webpage. 

    2) When a video is required, the easiest way is to use the camera function on your cellphone, record yourself for 20 seconds and then send the clip to my email address: ngreenspan@marsd.org

    If you don't have a cellphone, use screencastify.com, download and send it to me.

    3) I work extremely hard on the videos and I make sure that they are working each day. If you are having trouble, you have to click on it, then click download, then click open folder.

    4) Please Please Please take time to enjoy practicing the music. IT shouldn't be a chore for you! 

    5) Feel free to email me at any time. To share a funny story, to talk about your day, to help you with an assignment, whatever. I am always here for you.

    6) As some of us discovered, many voices don't always equal one sound! Google Meet is noto the way we can rehearse together! I am looking into alternatives and I'll let you know.

    7)Reach out to each other to make sure everyone is on track and attending chorus.

    I miss you all terribly!







Last Modified on March 20, 2020