• Mrs. Goldstone

    7th Grade Syllabus

    2020-2021 (this syllabus is subject to change)


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    Math Class Schedule

    ➢ Block 1/2: 

    ➢ Block 3/4: 

    ➢ Block 9/10



    💬 Course Overview



    ➢ In this course students will explore the foundations of math and how the material being taught is applicable in real world scenarios. Students will investigate the skills being taught by practicing problem solving and using critical thinking to analyze various scenarios set forth while enhancing their fundamental knowledge on number sense.



    💬 Course Objectives

    By the end of this class, you will be able to:

    ● Confidently sole expressions and equations involving rational numbers

    ● Analyze word problems and utilize their prior knowledge to solve correctly.

    ● Evaluate the probability of an event to determine its probable outcome.

    ● Understand how to appropriately reference the Math Reference Sheet and apply the formulas correctly for the polygons and polyhedrons.

    ● Evaluate equations and inequalities correctly using various strategies and methods.

    ● Create a multitude of projects to develop student agency within their learning.




    ➢ You will be required to complete the daily Do Now and keep a notebook.

    ➢ All homework is due at the beginning of the next day’s class. We will have a question/answer session each day to review homework.

    ➢ I will introduce a new lesson each day (on average) and you are expected to take notes and ask/answer questions about the topic. Class participation is VERY important in order to be successful.




    💬 Participation Policy

    Students are expected to take an active role during their class block and be actively engaged during the class discussion and activities. Active engagement includes but is not limited to:

    ● Verbal participation 

    ● Written participation 

    ● Engagement in all activities

    ● Participation in small group breakout sessions


    💬 Homework/Assignment Policy

    ● Students are expected to complete 100% of any homework/assignments given on or before the due date of that specific assignment. If students have any questions, comments, or concerns about any particular assignment, they are to ask the teacher before the assignment is due.

    ● Homework will be given each night and is where the students have the opportunity to practice and eventually master what is being taught in the classroom. I will check homework everyday.

    ● Classwork assignments will be assigned and are expected to be completed by the end of the scheduled block time, unless otherwise specified by the teacher.


    💬Tests & Quizzes

    Students will be given quizzes roughly once a week throughout a unit. Quizzes and tests may bewill be given using the Big Ideas Online Platform, Quizziz platform, on Google Forms, or a formal written exam.  Please check regularly on parent portal  and classroom for any scheduled tests or quizzes.



    Students may be assigned a project for a particular lesson or unit. The primary focus will be Project Based Learning where students may complete multiple mini-projects throughout a unit followed by a culminating unit project.

    Projects are expected to be 100% complete by the assigned due date. 10 points will be taken off for every day late on the project:

    ● 1 day late - max grade 90

    ● 2 days late - max grade 80

    ● 3 days late - max grade 70

    4 days late - max grade 60

    If a student is struggling with a project or something occurs that affects the completion of the project by the due date, it is your responsibility to contact the teacher immediately to discuss.


    💬 Grading Policy

    Students will be graded based on percentages as per follows:

    Tests - 50%

    Quizzes - 35%

    Class Participation & Homework - 15%

    ** IXL and Projects will count in any of the above categories based upon the level of rigor of the particular assignment and teacher discretion**


    📚 Required Texts, Materials, and Online Accounts

    You will need the following for this course: ● Knowledge on using the Big Ideas Math online platform ● Access to Google Classroom: Google Classroom Invite ● Link your Google Classroom to your Google Calendar. This will help organize your assignments and due dates. ● Access to Google Meet



    📚 Key Mathematical Concepts for Math 7 (concepts may not be taught in this order )

    Unit 1 - Equations

    Integers and Absolute Value

    Adding and Subtracting Integers

    Multiplying and Dividing Integers


    Unit 2 - Rational Numbers

    Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers

    Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers


    Unit 3 - Expressions and Equations

    Algebraic Expressions

    Adding and Subtracting Linear Expressions

    Solving Equations Using Addition or Subtraction

    Solving Two-Step Equations


    Unit 4 - Inequalities

    Solving Inequalities using Addition and Subtraction

    Solving Inequalities using Multiplication and Division

    Solving Two-Step Inequalities


    Unit 5 - Ratios and Proportions

    Ratios and Rates

    Writing and Solving Proportions

    Slope and Direct Variation

    Unit 6 - Percents

    Percents and Decimals

    Percent Proportion and Percent Equation

    Percents of Increase and Decrease

    Discounts and Markups

    Simple Interest


    Unit 7 -  Constructions and Scale Drawings

    Adjacent and Vertical Angles

    Complementary and Supplementary Angles



    Scale Drawings


    Unit 8 -  Circles and Area

    Circles and Circumference

    Perimeters of Composite Figures

    Area of Circles

    Areas of Composite Figures


    Chapter 9 - Surface Area and Volume

    Surface Areas of Prisms and Pyramids

    Surface Area of Cylinders

    Surface Area of Prisms and Pyramids


    Chapter 10 - Probability and Statistics

    Experimental and Theoretical Probability

    Compound Events

    Independent and Dependent Probability

    Samples and Populations



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