We will have a Google Meet during your class time each day where you are required to be present.  Daily attendance will be taken

    You will be required to complete the daily Do Now and keep a notebook.

    All homework is due at the beginning of the next day’s class.  We will have a question/answer session at each Google Meet to review homework

    I will introduce a new lesson each day and you are expected to take notes and ask/answer questions about the topic.

    A homework assignment will be given each night and I will be available until 2:45 pm to answer any questions you may have and give you additional help reviewing the lesson.  You can email me for help at llambert@marsd.org.




    Homework will be given each night and is where the students have the opportunity to practice and eventually master what is being taught in the classroom.  I will check homework everyday and if it isn’t complete a zero will be given for that assignment.




    Tests - 50%

    Quizzes/Projects - 35%

    Homework - 15%

Last Modified on September 2, 2020