• Statistics Syllabus


    Description:  This course begins with descriptive statistics, including graphical representations of data and measures of central tendency, position and variation.  Basic probability concepts lead to the study of the binomial and normal probability distributions.  The course continues with the Central Limit  Theorem and its use in the development of estimation through confidence intervals and hypothesis testing.  Graphing calculators will be used to gain a greater understanding of the underlying concepts.

    Text: “Preclaculus with Limits”, Larson, 6th edition


    Teacher:  Mr Mario Cornacchia

    Contact:  mcornacchia@marsd.org

    Office hours:  Wednesday 12:20 to 2:10

    Bio:  This is my 20th year teaching at MRHS.  I created this class and have been teaching Statistics for over a dozen years.  I’ve taught a wide range of  classes from Algebra 1 to AP Statistics/AP Calculus BC.  I will have more personal information during our first class.



    Google Classroom Code7sdgsnk



    Virtual Lectures (The Video Link will be posted on the Google Classroom folder):

    BE ON TIME!  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what work you missed


    Schedule starting Sept 14:

    Monday:  10:25 to 11:19

    Tuesday:  1:15 to 1:35

    Wednesday:  10:24 to 10:50

    Thursday:  none

    Friday:  1:15 to 1:35




    Grade Policy

    Homework 15% (If late: 0)

    Self Assess: 15% (If late: 0)

    Exams: 70% (Self Assess is due one school day after the review of the exam)

    Homework is due the day of the exam.  Make up exams will be scheduled “after school” or during my Office Hours (see above). 


    Honor System:

    Cheating is taking the work of another individual and claiming it as his/her own work. Plagiarism is taking material from a source, in whole or in part, and claiming it as his/her own work.  This will result in a 0% with no option to redo/retake – NO EXCEPTIONS



    Accommodations and Modifications will be provided with the individual’s 504 and IEP


    Chapter 1 Assignments Sheet:


    • Where Do Data Come From?
    • Drawing Conclusions from Data


    Week of 9/28:  Homework due:  page 29: 1.37 to 1.44 ALL

    Week of 9/28: Chapter 1 Test

    Next Day:  Review the Test

    Day After: Self Assess is due





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